Real Life 56

Real Life 56 is the newest installment in our series featuring attractive "real" girls in natural settings. For these videos we use front and back studio lighting. This video has natural audio, and is around one hour in length.

In Real Life 56 you will see Angela Marie (in two scenes), Alicia, Romy and Aubrey. Angela Marie shows deep inhales and thick mouth (with some mouth/nose) exhales, and a number of french inhales in her second scene (which has her chaining two cigarettes, in red leather and fishnets). Alicia does all double-pumps in her scene, Romy shows her usual strong smoking style, and Aubrey has a sexy mixture of open mouth and french inhales, mouth and nose exhales, along with some smoke rings.

We use digital video cameras to film all our videos. Every copy is made from a digital master, and is a first generation copy of the master. As an experiment, several of the scenes were shot in letterbox format.

You will see the girls enjoy a variety of brands including Marlboro Light 100's and Virginia Slims. They use lighters and matches for lightups, plus there is the one chain lightup from Angela Marie.

Order this video: [ DVD ] [ VHS ]
Order this video: [ DVD ] [ VHS ]


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